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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of SIAL China has been officially postponed for September by the organisers due to coronavirus.

You have a unique opportunity to learn the tastes, preferences and trends in Chinese food and beverages industry through SIAL China – the country’s most significant international exhibition. Held in Shanghai, this event boasts over 66,000 visitors and 3000 exhibitors in attendance in the just three days. We’re talking impressive competition for hotel accommodation and there’s not a lot of time left, but you have a secret weapon – GETA ltd.

We’re always on top the hotel deals and discounts all over the world and we cater to both small and large businesses thanks to our wide network of hotels across price categories and star ranks. Book a hotel for SIAL China without the hassle and save on your time, energy and finances best invested in the three-day exhibition. Whether you’re involved in the food production business, catering or the restaurant sector, there’s plenty to see and learn as there will be 22 sectors encompassing everything from ingredients and dairy to horticulture and pet food. With the right accommodation, it’s easier for you to build a reputation and name recognition.

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