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The security sector makes its way to SICUREZZA to partake in a global discussion on the anti-intrusion, fire prevention and cyber security. This is an important professional trade fair attended by big corporations, security agencies and municipal delegations that takes place in Milan, Italy. You can expect attendance to be plentiful, so ensure your business trip runs smoothly with accommodation from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd serves as the most reliable resource for travelling professionals. All you have to do is tell us your price range and how close you would like to be to the expo centre. GETA ltd compiles a list of all affordable hotel rooms that allow for a quick commute to the grounds of SICUREZZA. What this international defence fair is known for is an intense program with presentations on everything from home and building automation to products and services for public law enforcement agencies. Attended by everyone from installers and engineers to security managers and risk managers, SICUREZZA is a serious event that offers you valuable opportunities.

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