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A Brief Overview of Sino-Pack 

Sino-Pack is a prominent international trade fair focused on packaging machinery and materials, and it is one of the largest and most influential of its kind in China. The show attracts high-quality buyers, many of whom are decision makers from distinguished manufacturing enterprises in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and electronics industries. As China’s economy opens up to the rest of the world, Sino-Pack presents foreign exhibitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to establish a lasting presence in the country. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

The 4-in-1 super show performs exceptionally well and the upcoming edition is expected to bounce back after the forced pause caused by the pandemic. These are expected for all four shows:

  • 1700+ international exhibitors
  • 95,000+ international trade visitors for all 4 shows
  • 800,000+ offline and online visitors in totals for all 4 shows
  • 140,000 sq. metres of exhibition space 

Industry Relevance 

Sino-Pack, in collaboration with SINO LABEL, Printing South China and PACKINNO, creates the ultimate experience for professionals working in printing and packaging. This four-in-one trade show is the driving force of innovation in the Chinese industry and each edition brings you the next generation of equipment and services to a wide audience of buyers from all regions of China. 

The fair is held annually in the first weeks of March at Area B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex, providing companies the ideal opportunity to time their product releases and prepare for the upcoming year. As a main meeting point for suppliers and prominent buyers, Sino-Pack is an excellent platform to expand professional networks and reconnect with existing contacts. 

The product portfolio is comprehensive, offering visitors a complete overview of the processing chain, making Sino-Pack a one-stop marketplace for buyers to do all their purchasing. Exhibition space is dedicated to nine product groups: 

  • Smart Packaging Total Solution
  • First Packaging Machines
  • Secondary Packaging Machines
  • Coding & Marking
  • Plastics Packaging Machines, Production Machine of Containers
  • Smart Logistics Equipment and Systems
  • Flexible Packaging Equipment and Machineries
  • Measurement and Testing Machines
  • Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging 

The continued growth of online shopping that exploded during the pandemic has led the trade fair to lean into the market for fast-moving consumer goods. Organisers are addressing these increasing demands through an all-round display platform for the entire packaging industry chain. Coming in 2023, visitors will tour six new theme zones - “Smart Packaging + Smart Logistics”, “Food Packaging”, “General Packaging”, “Liquid Packaging”, “Coding and Marking” and “Packaging Materials and Products”. The zones will help guide targeted buyers to exhibitor stalls and facilitate networking and negotiations. 

In addition to the exhaustive exhibition area, Sino-Pack organises a series of specialised symposia, whose mission is simple - promote in-depth knowledge exchanges and discussions among industry experts. Overall the programme leans towards future solutions and sustainable practices. The most notable examples are the Flexible Packaging Environmental Sustainability Development Forum, the Brand New Cultural Vision – Creative Design Forum and the Green Development Summit of Pulp Molding. The fair receives robust support and participation from numerous trade associations in China. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Every industry has use of packaging, so it’s not surprising to see strong interest from professionals working in all major related industries with a focus on end use. You connect with visitors working with food, catering, beverages, dairy products, alcohols, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, healthcare products, express delivery and logistics, automobiles, e-commerce and fresh food delivery. 

The main selling point for trade visitors is open access to the industry’s elite companies. Exhibitors on this exclusive list include giants such as OMORI Beijing, Youngsun, Triowin, BOZN, Eiahe systems, Jing liang, CPM, Rui Packing, Soontrue, Way Wa shrinkwrap, YCTD and Han's Laser. The immediate takeaway is clear – only quality products and trustworthy brands showcase at the trade fair, guaranteeing the presence of qualified sales leads. 

A breakdown in professional roles reveals a high concentration of directors, general managers and factory owners, who attend in order to research the current state of the market and make decisions when it comes to purchasing. Next are representatives at all remaining levels of management and a solid group of engineers and technicians. 

Additional Value of Attending 

Exhibitors can overcome geographical and time limitations with a variety of online activities, such as live streaming exhibitions, customised online show visits for VIP overseas buyers, and overseas business matching. These solutions lift the financial burden and health risks associated with long-distance business travel at the time of the pandemic. Experience has also shown that for many, the move to a hybrid model has a significant positive impact on all parties. 

These well-planned activities have yielded fruitful results and garnered praise from exhibitors and visitors alike. In April 2022, the Vietnam Buyer Online Business Matching was so well-received that organisers had no other choice but to extend the event from one day to three. The immediate high demand proved just how necessary digital tools and events are for success. 

Sino-Pack exhibitors also tap into an exclusive dedicated online business matching platform that features around 1000 high-quality suppliers of packaging machinery, materials, containers, label printing and packaging printing, along with procurement information from both local and overseas buyers. The platform remains active at all times of the day and enables exhibitors to continue their networking, research and negotiations outside the fair’s working hours.

Past editions


02.03.2023 - 04.03.2023


Coincided with PACKINNO, SINO-LABEL, and Printing South China 2023

108 325


1 738


140 000

m2 of event space

Cancelled because of COVID 19