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STOCKHOLM FURNITURE AND LIGHT FAIR, as the name reveals, will serve as the stage to debut the latest, hottest trends in furniture, textiles, interior design and lighting. Held in Stockholm, Sweden, the international trade fair brings in over 700 exhibitors from all over the region and abroad to showcase their finest in a jam-packed program. Avoid the 40,000 visitors confirmed to attend and get your hotel accommodation at superior prices this very day from GETA ltd.

If you want your business trip to go without a single hitch, it’s best you let professionals take over your arrangements. GETA ltd helps you book a hotel for STOCKHOLM FURNITURE AND LIGHT FAIR that not only positions you where you want to be, but also helps you cut down on your travel expenses. You want the right room to make the best of the fair, which has invited Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon as the guest of honor. STOCKHOLM FURNITURE AND LIGHT FAIR is the place to seek out direct sales, drum up interest by launching a new design and research market trends.

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