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TrendSet lives up to its name with over 2500 collections encompassing the latest in the living, lifestyle and consumer goods sectors – all spaced out in 9 exhibition halls. Where is this international trade fair taking place? Germany is host and organizers anticipate for over 35,000 trade visitors from the specialty trade, mail order and catalogue order trades to appear. Call now and GETA ltd can book a hotel for TrendSet at attractive rates.

GETA ltd knows all about what makes a business trip successful – the right place, the perfect location and access to public transport. Leave your travel arrangements to us and we’ll create a comprehensive list of deals that have been selected to save you the most. We always place our clients as close to the exhibition centre as possible for a fast commute and you’ll need this advantage for TrendSet. The trade fair is highly competitive and growing your brand recognition and influence are chief goals. Here is where you should launch a new line, strengthen connections with existing clients and attract new ones.

Achieve all your goals at TrendSet with GETA ltd.

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