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Appreciate the fine taste of wine? Now you have the chance to sample the best at Vinitaly, which is celebrating 50 years since its inception and first show in 1967. Verona, Italy, is the host for the four days. Organizers predict over 4000 exhibitors to bring their lines from all over the world and thousands more will arrive in Verona looking for an affordable hotel booking for Vinitaly. This is where GETA ltd comes to help you out. Our team has a strong foothold in Italy and we’ve helped many business trips come to great fruition in Verona alone.

From small residences and flats in the outskirts to luxury hotels a few minutes away from foot from the international exhibition, GETA ltd finds you the room that best serves your goals at Vinitaly. The event itself is a historic marketplace for the wines and spirits sectors along with viniculture as a whole. You’re invited to exquisite tastings and nothing pairs better with vine than delicious food, which is where the Citadels of Gastronomy come into play.

Hit it big at Vinitaly with a little help from GETA ltd.

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