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Germany , Hamburg

2 years

WINDENERGY serves an important purpose for the energy and wind industry as a fine platform to discuss policy changes for the offshore sectors, recent innovations and practical applications to build a more sustainable future. The international exhibition attracts over 1200 exhibitors and 33,000 visitors to Hamburg, Germany. Don’t get behind on your online hotel reservations and get superior deals on accommodation through GETA ltd – your trusted advisor on the road. It’s crucial to find WINDENERGY hotels close to the exhibition grounds – you gain an advantage when it comes to networking in the hotel and you save time commuting.

GETA ltd acts in your best interests when it comes to your bookings and cuts down on all your travel expenses. This gives you freedom to fully dedicate yourself to WINDENERGY and its program. The exhibition represents the entire supply chain: wind turbines, components, new materials, installation, planning, operation and maintenance, energy storage, finances, services and on/offshore. It’s the place to learn about your industry’s future, strengthen partnerships and seek investments.

Invest in your long-term goals with an immaculate business trip to WINDENERGY all organized by GETA ltd.


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