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When it comes to significant innovations and business opportunities in the field of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation, you have to book tickets for CLIMATIZACION. This international exhibition takes place in Madrid, Spain and spans the period of four days. Numbers are strong with close to 600 exhibitors and 45,000 trade visitors projected to make the dates. There’s little time left to plan the travel arrangements and hotel prices are going up. Cut down on your expenses as soon as possible with GETA ltd on your side.

CLIMATIZACION is a comprehensive event that gives you an in-depth representation of every product category – air conditioners, isolation, heating and hot water components, and pumping equipment. It’s time and place to break into new market, register direct sales and get your name out there. In addition, you can enroll in professional workshops. Get the most out of the exhibition with the right CLIMATIZACION hotels. You need accommodation to spare your travel budget and shorten your commute.

GETA ltd works closely with you every step of the way and the whole registration process lasts a single business day. Business travel is easy when you have a helping hand!

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