Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

China, Guangzhou
1 year
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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has been officially postponed by the organisers due to coronavirus.

Learn what are the new trends in LED lighting and see the latest models in action at another edition of Guangzhou International Lighting ExhibitionN, returning even bigger and brighter. The international exhibition impresses with its scope, showcasing products from over 2400 exhibitors and welcoming more than 145,000 visitors to Guangzhou in China. Now’s the right time to sort out your travel arrangements and GETA ltd is where you find the best discounts!

Guangzhou International Lighting ExhibitionN dazzles with its scope, displaying the latest in LED packaging components, electronic components, LED packaging equipment, optical components, measurement equipment and many others. At the same time, you have a choice between over 100 smaller events happening all around. For a competitive edge, GETA ltd finds Guangzhou International Lighting ExhibitionN that are close to the action and save on your budget. The process is really simple. Tell us the price range you have in mind and how many beds you need. Using this information, we send you a custom list of hotels that meet your expectations.

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