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Due to increasing coronavirus infection rates in the Netherlands, IBC 2021 has been cancelled. The international broadcasting show will instead occur between 09.09.2022 and 12.09.2022. The edition will take place as a hybrid event at Amsterdam RAI in Amsterdam. Expect strict, up-to-date health and safety measures to be implemented.

A Brief Overview of IBC

You can help decide where broadcasting, electronic media and entertainment industry will head in the upcoming year by attending IBC – the international broadcasting trade show to top all others. The event takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and encompasses six whole days. It’s the one place to see professionals from all over the world and an amazing platform to hear about the newest technical developments in the industry.

GETA ltd can help you make the best possible professional hotel accommodation – rooms that fit your budget and hotels close to the Amsterdam RAI. You can tailor your online booking to receive the best value on your business trip. Be as close to the grounds as possible or located in a quiet city corner linked to the city’s public transport. Either way, you get to save money and time! That’s how we make your visit to IBC so memorable.

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

IBC presents a wealth of resources to both visitors and exhibitors. You certainly tap into a large network of professionals at all levels and technical proficiency, which is not something you want to miss out on. We have the data from attendance in the previous year:

  • 1700+ international exhibitors;
  • 55,000+ international trade visitors from 150 countries;
  • 1400+ delegates to the conference;
  • 400+ speakers that were part of the program.

Industry Relevance

IBC has crossed the 50-year mark as this international exhibition for broadcasting technology dates back to 1967 and has been marking the remarkable milestones in electronic media every single year in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The trade show holds a particularly high-esteemed place as the platform to promote new technologies, form new friendships cross borders and make great sales. The product range on display features broadcast technology, audio broadcast transmitters, cable TV, television technology, television transmitters, satellite TV equipment, lighting technology. It occupies 15 halls at the RAI and has one of the most interesting features that boldly look into the future. Future Zone, Partnerships Pavilion, Launch Pad and the IABM Future Trends Theatre all consolidate efforts to build a better, more inclusive future for broadcasting and entertainment.

Who Are You Going to MIBC Expo in Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands | Promotional Hotel Rateseet?

In short – everyone! We are talking the entire spectrum from startups through to the top C-Level executives that determine what course the industry is going to take on a global level. We can’t also not mention the experts and engineers from leading R&D labs that are pushing the boundaries of technology and thinking about new capabilities. Another subset of IBC is dedicated to theatres that run demonstrations, presentations and briefings. Last but certainly not least, visitors can head to the Big Screen section and enjoy blockbusters – so Hollywood certainly makes an impact every edition. In terms of company names, there’s EasyBroadcast, Primestream, Halivision, Actus Digital, Blufish444 and Brightcove to name a few.

Past editions

IBC 2020

11.09.2020 - 15.09.2020


Cancelled because of COVID-19.


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