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INTERNORGA is held for the duration of six days in Hamburg, Germany. The trade fair is inclusive in its focus in the food industry with the hotel, restaurant, catering, baking and confectionery niches represented by more than 1200 exhibitors. This year attendance has been projected to spike with close to 100,000 trade visitors making their way from over 60 countries to see the latest products and equipment available for their business. Handle your travel arrangements at the earliest stage possible and leave GETA ltd secure your hotel accommodation.

GETA ltd provides the best service for travelling professionals. We locate a hotel room that meets all your needs, so you save money on price rates and time commuting to the exhibition, because your hotel will be located in the general vicinity of INTERNORGA. The focus of the exhibition falls on a variety of product groups ranging from kitchen technology, food and drink, furnishing, shop construction, IT, checkout systems and communication and ice cream makers.

Make sure your trip to INTERNORGA is a success for your business and make your online booking through GETA ltd.

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