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A Brief Overview of The Royal Cheshire County Show

The Royal Cheshire County Show represents traditional farming and the rural life in Cheshire. It’s a traditional county show that’s existed for well over a century and as such you’ll experience the full breadth of local foods and beverages. Animal competitions are one of the most enticing parts of the show and visitors can see cattle, sheep, pigs, dairy goats, light and heavy horses, rare breeds of livestock, poultry, pygmy goats, pigeons and more.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Farmers, animal breeders and local artisans all wait for The Royal Cheshire County Show every year, because it’s the biggest platform to display their wares. There’s a lot of history in the show and it’s proven itself to be a steady draw for visitors. Here are some statistics:

  • 182 years of history
  • 700 exhibitor stands
  • 80,000+ visitors from all over Cheshire
  • 3500 light horses exhibited
  • 0 amount of waste going to landfill

Industry Relevance

First held in 1838, The Royal Cheshire County Show is the chief engine for the education and the promotion of agriculture, farming and rural life in Cheshire. Over the decades, the county show has moved around the county from Roodee in Chester and Hooton Park close to Ellesmere Port to Tatton Park before settling for the grounds in Tabley in Knutsford.

The county show runs for two days every June and offers visitors plenty of shopping opportunities. You can head to the Flower Marquee for floral displays and arrangements, browse the Farmer’s Market for some boutique cheeses and meats, or discover brilliant local art pieces and creations at the Market of Makers. A live band, bike stunts, show jumping and monster trucks are all part of the programming.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

You can’t have a show called The Royal Cheshire County Show without some royal involvement and in this case it’s Princess Anne, who functions as the first Lady President of the show and has been for twenty years. Exhibitors range significantly from farms with produce and preserves on the market to manufacturers of agricultural machinery such as Kongskilde, Kverneland Cultivators & Feeders, Manitou Loaders and Maschio Cultivators.

Animal breeders are a common sight as well as horse riders and dog trainers, who enter competitions for hounds, terriers, gundogs and pastoral dogs. With so many different programming items and products for sale, it’s not a surprise to learn that The Royal Cheshire County Show attracts everyone from families with children to agricultural professionals and buyers.

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Cheshire County Show

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