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SIAMS showcases the future of microtechnology and the latest achievements and brand new trends in the precision industry and machinery sector. The international trade fair chooses Moutier, Switzerland as its host. Attendance is estimated to exceed its previous numbers with over 450 international companies putting their best technologies on display and thousands visiting. Hotel accommodation is the first to go, so book a hotel for SIAMS 2016 as soon as today through GETA ltd.

GETA ltd specializes in business travel and provides you with flexible accommodation options no matter how big your budget is. Our database of hotels and guesthouses in Moutier cover all price categories, locations and hotel rankings. You can stay in a hotel a short walk from the exhibition or relax in the city’s outskirts. Whatever you choose, we can provide in a single day. Pay attention to growing your brand and keep an eye on your competitors. SIAMS offers a real wealth of product categories from equipment, assembly, measurement, control and quality assurance to automation, tools, accessories, mechanics and installation.

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