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3 years
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PulPaper remains a decisive event for the paper and printing industry with a wide representation of product categories from books to graphic designs trends and technologies. Over 450 exhibitors are confirmed to display their latest. In attendance will be more than 9400 professionals. Avoid the rush for hotel accommodation and leave the details to your travel arrangements to GETA ltd.

We know exactly where to look for the best discount rates! GETA ltd takes charge over your travel plans and does all the research for you, so you book a hotel for PulPaper without any undue stress or effort. You focus on your work while we compare prices, check availability and research the best locations. Whether you want to be a short stroll away or don’t mind catching a bus to the location, we cater to every taste. Best of all, it takes a day to do all this. PulPaper functions as a stage to meet buyers and launch products to generate sales leads. You also have access to valuable decision makers to learn where the industry is headed.

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