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UK , Southampton
1 year
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With nearly two decades under its belt, Seawork International continues its legacy as a progressive international conference dedicated to the needs of shipbuilding, port equipment and shipping. Predictions place attendance at roughly 7300 trade visitors, coming to find out what are the newest strides made in the industry. There will be over 10,000 products and services, and 70 vessels at display. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and leave your hotel accommodation to GETA ltd.

It takes you one day to narrow down the top choices for Seawork International hotels, when GETA ltd does the selection for you. With our service, you save time you would have lost researching on your own, find the most cost-effective accommodation and even get a hotel close to the event. All these factors contribute to your success at the event, where you’ll mingle with industry giants including buyers, legislators and influencers in the commercial marine and workboat market.

Build your reputation and stay ahead of trends with a visit to Seawork International with a little help from GETA ltd.

How to get to Seawork International

On Foot

On Foot

Southampton Airport - not advisable

Southampton Central Station - 30 mins via Town Quay/A33



By Car

Southampton Airport - 15 mins via A335

Southampton Central Station - 8 mins via A33



By Public Transport

Southampton Airport - 1 hr via UTC

Southampton Central Station - 17 mins via UTC


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