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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of ART & ANTIQUE RESIDENZ SALZBURG has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus. 

ART & ANTIQUE RESIDENZ SALZBURG is an international trade fair dedicated to fostering good taste with its exceptional curation of art pieces of all periods and antiques. The event garnered a strong reputation as a stage to find true gems and influence taste in Europe. Programming launche in Salzburg, Austria and continues for ten whole days. Only the most coveted galleries are going to exhibit, so you best have your travel arrangements in order right this instant! GETA ltd is where you turn for your hotel stay!

Have no desire to research hotels in Salzburg on your own? GETA ltd is here to take of this pressing task and do so efficiently. With us, you have a rich selection of ART & ANTIQUE RESIDENZ SALZBURG hotels to choose from the very next day. Thanks to our large database of establishments in every major city, we’re able to pinpoint the right fit for you in a single day. Rates are chosen with the idea to save on your expenses. What can you expect at the trade fair? Artworks vary in their age and medium. You have glitzy Art Deco pieces in glorious harmony with start modern art pieces and venerable antiques.

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