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ARTE FIERA welcomes all art dealers, artists and connoisseurs with eye for modern art in Bologna, Italy for four days to celebrate the brightest talents on the contemporary art scene. The exhibition lasts for four days starting with leading galleries exhibiting their best works and presenting the current trends for the region. A hallmark event in Bologna, the exhibition caters to both industry insiders and the general public with thousands expected to make an appearance. Be the first among them to find your dream accommodation courtesy of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd knows how to locate the best hotel for your needs. All you have to do is specify a budget and GETA ltd compiles a comprehensive list of offers that are cost effective, close to the exhibition grounds and connected to the public transportation system to ensure mobility and comfort of the highest grade. This leaves you energized to tackle ARTE FIERA in its fullest with exhibitions showcasing photography, sculptures and paintings. The event is a thriving ground for growing your network and purchasing art.

Achieve your goals at ARTE FIERA with GETA ltd helping you with your reservation.

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