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FIAAP - VICTAM - GRAPAS INTERNATIONAL ushers in breakthroughs, solutions and innovations in agriculture and animal breeding with its diverse program and rich display of products and animals. The international exhibition has chosen Cologne, Germany as its stage and activities to much funfair and excitement. You have over 270 exhibitors to look forward to and more than 7500 professionals to network with during the two days. Book your hotel accommodation as early as today through GETA ltd – your solution to organizing business trips.

Find FIAAP - VICTAM - GRAPAS INTERNATIONAL hotels without any effort now that you have GETA ltd to support your business travels. We’ve been helping professionals go to their every destination around the world for years and know exactly what to do. Give us a budget and a number of beds – we do the rest. It’s that easy and you save a great deal on all expenses. FIAAP - VICTAM - GRAPAS INTERNATIONAL is certainly deserving the investment as you stand to educate yourself on everything regarding animals, flour and rice milling, grain processing and biomass pelleting. The conferences are a definite highlight for gaining valuable industry knowledge.

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