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A Brief Overview of Maimarkt Mannheim

Maimarkt Mannheim is one of the most popular long-running trade fairs held in Germany, because it’s been running for over 400 years and has been the accelerator of local economy in the city of Mannheim. It’s as much a place for exhibitors to lay out their entire catalogue over a period of 11 days to make direct sales as it is meant for local communities to meet and create memories.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

The power to make direct sales of Maimarkt Mannheim is undisputed. Exhibitors and visitors all come with the understanding that there will be purchases made. You have the perfect conditions to not just move products of shelves, but also build brand awareness:

  • 11 days of programming;
  • 47 exhibition halls available and a massive open-area space;
  • 1400 exhibitors display their wares;
  • 20,000 products are showcased at one time;
  • 340,000 visitors cycle through the trade fair per edition;

Industry Relevance

Maimarkt Mannheim has been taking place every single year with few exceptions in Mannheim, Germany since 1613. This reliable trade fair occurs usually late April through early May and is also known as the May Market. It’s always held at its special exhibition grounds: Maimarktgelände Mannheim. The role of Maimarkt Mannheim for the entire region is significant.

These 11 days are essential for local manufacturers and retailers to register an uptick in sales. It’s why the fair has been so generously supported by the Ministry of Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg and City of Mannheim. The product profile of the fair is rich and lacks a central focal point. You’re just as easy to purchase cosmetics, skincare and perfume as easily as mobile homes, building materials and camping equipment.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

The simplest way to answer this question is to say – everyone. Maimarkt Mannheim is free for any person to enter whether they’re a trade visitors looking to make a significant purchase or a tourist who wants to get into the spirit of the fair. Families with children usually make it a point to enjoy the wide range of food and drinks available and see some attractions.

The numerous showcases of equestrian sports attract professionals in the field as well fans. Other groups of people you’re likely to encounter include fitness fans, travel enthusiasts, hobby gardeners, builders and readers. As far as the origin of visitors, the biggest share is of citizens of Mannheim. Another substantial portion is from people in the region and there are some foreigners in the mix as well.

How to get to Maimarkt Mannheim

On Foot

On Foot

Mannheim City Airport – 15 mins via Xaver-Fuhr-Straße

Mannheim Hbf – 1hr5mins via Seckenheimer Str.


By Car

Mannheim City Airport – 5 mins via Xaver-Fuhr-Straße

Mannheim Hbf – 10 mins via Ludwigshafener Str./B36


By Public Transport

Mannheim City Airport – 10 mins via transport 50

Mannheim Hbf – 15 mins via S-Bahns S1/S2/S4/S6

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