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China, Shanghai
1 year
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China Toy Expo services the booming markets for toys and preschool products for China and the surrounding region, but has become an international trade fair that welcomes exhibitors and trade visitors from over 130 countries. Just how big is it? You have over 1700 exhibitors showcasing on average and more than 65,000 industry insiders lining the booths. Given these numbers, it’s best you get to your travel arrangements as early as today and have GETA ltd book your hotel stay.

GETA ltd understands that it’s stressful to plan a business outing in a country that’s far away and you don’t speak the language. Book a hotel for China Toy Expo and know that you’ve make the right choice by leaving all the research to us. We work with you to establish the right price range and location to ensure an easy commute and affordable stay. This way you have more resources to invest in China Toy Expo, which is a competitive event in every major product category – RC toys, hobby models, kids' electronics, plush and dolls, wooden toys and preschool education items.

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