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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of ENADA has been officially postponed for September by the organisers due to coronavirus. 

ENADA SPRING introduces you to the current ideas, breakthroughs and trends in automata and gaming machines as technology gives the sector freedom to dream big and design better. Activities kick off with the participation of hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their very best. Attendance is currently projected to exceed 25,000 industry insiders – a good reason to get your hotel booking for ENADA SPRING early! GETA ltd is here to assist every step of the reservation process.

If you’re tired of planning business trips on your own, there is a better, much faster way to go about it – GETA ltd. Our company has been helping countless company representatives reach their destinations for years and we’ve grown very good at it. Using only your budget size and number of travelers, we send you a list with the most fitting deals in your inbox the next day. The reservation made, you can focus on ENADA SPRING, which boasts a full representation of product categories: new slot machines, VLT, video games, pinball machines, billiards, table soccer, payment systems, furnishing, fittings and services for arcades.

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