Parcel+Post Expo

Austria, Vienna
1 year
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Parcel+Post Expo gears up for another 360-degree showcase of technologies, services and solutions for the global postal industries. The international exhibition will be held in Switzerland where over 100 exhibitors will display and demonstrate their latest products to an audience exceeding 3500 trade visitors. Don’t delay in making your online hotel reservations and contact GETA ltd right away for price comparison and quotes!

It’s easy to get a hotel booking for Parcel+Post Expo and you don’t even have to spend too much time researching options. Simply leave all the work to our team at GETA ltd. Consult with us on a price category, class and location and the next day, you’re ready to pick from a list made specifically for you. Parcel+Post Expo is a crucial event for the postal operators, courier and express companies who want to reach new markets, update their operations and remain in step with changing trends. In addition to the exhibition, there’s a conference that’ll address topics such as cross-border, last-mile fulfilment, and growing and developing SME customers.

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