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Blickfang introduces visitors to the newest trends in style and design that will boom on a global level, but you have the chance to see them the first. The trade show takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, and lasts for three days with thousands coming from the four corners of the world to see the latest in the furniture, fashion and jewellery sectors. With these numbers, finding the perfect hotel accommodation is going to be a challenge, so trust GETA ltd to locate the best offer for you.

GETA ltd has experience working with professionals on the road, so your booking saves you time searching on your own and money on your travelling expenses. You’re always located close to the blickfang for maximum mobility so you can be the first for the day and enjoy the varied product displays, close in the biggest deals for the year with manufacturers and distributors and grow your business profile.

All is possible, if you let GETA ltd take the lead where your hotel booking is concerned.

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