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!!! Important !!! It has been officially announced that the 2020 edition of EU PVSEC will be held online.

EU PVSEC concerns itself with the future of solar energy and the photovoltaic industry with leading companies, legislators, scientists and engineers coming to Germany, to discuss the prevailing issues concerning the overall energy industry and presenting the new technological stride to overcome them. The international exhibition lasts for three days. Find the right EU PVSEC hotels for your budget with some help from us.

When it comes to organizing business trips, GETA has no better. We have lasting working partnerships with hotels all over Munich and can secure you the best deals based on your travel budget and preference in location. It’s easy to find the right hotels when you have a team of professionals on your side. In the end, you’re left with freed energy, resources and time to invest in your participation. After all, this event is among the largest of the meeting places for business, science and industry. Be in the perfect position to make your name known, strike good deals and learn the newest achievements and solutions from over a 1000 presentations.

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