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A Brief Overview of IRMA Hamburg

IRMA Hamburg is a highly successful trade fair dedicated to advancements in rehabilitation, care and mobility based in Hamburg, Germany. The trade fair has the reputation as a leader in Northern Germany and alternates between two locations – Hamburg and Bremen. IRMA Bremen tends to follow the next year after IRMA Hamburg. As a regional fair, it services not only locals, but has a strong appeal with exhibitors and professionals from outside Germany.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

There’s quite a lot for exhibitors to make their time at IRMA Hamburg worth it. You’re in a high specialized space, so you’re sure to meet targeted leads who are looking to make direct purchases.

  • 130+ international exhibitors showcase;
  • 12,000+ private and professional visitors frequent the fair;
  • Close to 100% affected and relative ratio as the fair serves the need of all visitors.

Industry Relevance

The care for the disabled, elderly and those with challenged mobility is an ever growing industry and IRMA Hamburg fills that need efficiently. Established in 2012, the trade fair has rapidly grown and currently serves as the top event in its class in Northern Germany. Editions are held annually with the show alternating between Hamburg and Bremen in order to deliver products to those who need them, but can’t travel long distances. In terms of the products available, the show floor has been divided into several thematic categories – software and communication, car conversions, children’s rehab and aids, wheelchairs and mobility aids, barrier-free building and living, everyday aids; work, job and integration, prostheses and orthoses, medical supplies, nursing and therapy, and travel.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

As we’ve mentioned above, IRMA Hamburg sees an almost 100% affected and relative ratio. This means that almost every single person in attendance is in some degree in need of aids and care – a statement that’s true even for the professional visitors in the audience (roughly 30% of all visitors). IRMA Hamburg services those who are directly affected and is structured to help them discover all available options, compare prices and best of all, test. Geographically, the majority of visitors are local to Northern Germany and the neighboring states. Some visitors come from as far as Switzerland. Professional visitors are community service providers, trainees, authorities, medical practices, schools, clubs, associations, hospitals, clinics and specialist retailers.

Past editions

IRMA Hamburg 2022

05.05.2022 - 07.05.2022

IRMA Hamburg

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