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Are you involved in the medical equipment and technologies sector? Paris Healthcare Week is the international exhibition you need to attend to remain in step with the rapidly altering and evolving landscape of medical technology. You’ll be joined by more than 15,000 individuals doing the same in Paris, France. Arrive prepared to make your mark and leave your hotel accommodation to GETA ltd. We offer you a flexible service that cuts down on your travel expenses and harmonizes with your business goals.

GETA ltd makes it easy to locate Paris Healthcare Week hotels in your price range, so you don’t have to put in the effort, time and energy into organizing your business trip on your own. Simply send us your specifications and we’ll use our large database to pinpoint the offers that best fit you needs. You’re well-slept, recharged and always on time to make the most out of your visit to Paris Healthcare Week, where you can not only find peers and experts to network with, but get yourself acquainted with the newest advancements put on display.

With GETA ltd, your business trip is one smooth ride from start to finish.

Past editions

SantExpo 2020

07.10.2020 - 09.10.2020


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