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Electrical energy storage is the preeminent international exhibition for the energy storage sector with over 200 exhibitors putting on display their innovations in batteries and strides in renewable energy. This year’s edition happens is staged Germany. Over 40,000 trade visitors are expected to attend, so beat them for the best hotel rooms with a little help from GETA ltd – your trusted advisor on the road. Book a hotel for electrical energy storage that minimizes travel expenses and places you in an advantageous position, either within walking distance or close to public transport links.

GETA ltd can arrange this for you in a single business day. It doesn’t matter how many people are travelling, what your price range is or the number of hotel stars. You get the very best and can focus on electrical energy storage. The event boasts a comprehensive overview of the industry with stationary and mobile electrical energy storage solutions, residential and commercial applications as well as large-scale storage systems for stabilizing the grid.

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