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GEOTHERM serves as a valuable platform for discussion and cooperation between the leading world geologists and geoscientists with a strong focus on geothermal energy as a new source for the energy sector. The trade fair takes place in Germany. Over 191 expert exhibitors have been confirmed and attendance is expected to go over 3500 international industry insiders. Take care of your booking early on with the assistance of GETA ltd for a truly successful trip.

GETA ltd works closely with businesspeople on the road and provides accommodation that suits all your needs – affordable rates that save you money on travel expenses, attractive spot close to the exhibition centre and excellent connection to public transport. This means you’ve saved energy and resources so you can focus on making an impression during GEOTHERM whether you’re attending the latest product presentations, attend the key talk speeches on shallow and deep geothermal energy by leading scientists and engineers or go to the high profile European Geothermal Innovation Award for extraordinary achievements.

Raise your professional profile at GEOTHERM effortlessly with GETA ltd in charge of your business trip.

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