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If you’re involved in the photovoltaic sector and you’re looking to position yourself in a broad market, turn to PV EXPO – the international exhibition that focuses on advancements in manufacturing and engineering. The focus falls on every product category from solar cells to raw materials. Save on your budget early on and have someone else plan your business trips for you. GETA ltd lends you a hand and finds you the most affordable rates right now! Planning to fly abroad on business can be stressful, especially when travelling to the other end of the world.

GETA ltd makes it easy for you to book a hotel for PV EXPO without the days you’d have to put in to research locations and compare rates. We consult with you on the size of your party and your price range to find you modern accommodation tailored to your specific needs. PV EXPO is the place to launch a product, seek out partnerships and do a detailed research on ammeters, voltmeters, flowmeters and spectral sensitivity measurement machines.

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PV EXPO 2021

29.09.2021 - 01.10.2021



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